Baby Shooter is about 2 players taking roles of young babies. Each baby wants to shoot down the other baby in the room by throwing bear toys or when they drink too much milk they can use their diapers as a weapon. There isn't a place a small child cannot reach. There isn't a law of physics a small child cannot break. With his toys too.

Controls (Players 1 / Player 2):

  • Move Left: A / Left
  • Move Right: D / Right
  • Hold to Throw: W / Up
  • Change Weapon: S / Down
  • Menu/Pause: Esc

Game crated by:

  • Norbert Błaszczyk
  • Krzysztof Dziembowski
  • Marta Osowicz
  • Ryszard Tropisz


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great work. It makes me wonder what those babies have been into that they can scale vertical surfaces like geckos!